Access to marijuana dispensary allows for restorative sleep

I will never take daily rest and recovery for granted again I can promise you that.

The past year has been replete with far too many endless nights with no sleep.

Now that I have incorporated medical cannabis into my new lifestyle, all of that has changed. I think we all have endured a rough nights sleep or had to function after a restless night in bed. But real insomnia was something I had no conception of until it happened to me. Without medical marijuana, I would not be functioning again and finding the essential sort of rest that we all need. Taking sleep for granted is sort of easy given just how naturally it occurs. You get tired, you sleep and for most of us that continues throughout life. But a combination of factors, bad sleep behavior, poor diet, stress all came together to completely rob me of sleep. Of course, I went to the doctor where I was given meds that essentially knocked me out. And I was left in a sort of fog during the day. It was not a sustainable solution. Upon getting a bit of a medical marijuana education, I decided to take a trip to the legal weed store and see if cannabis flower products would work for me as well. And I am so pleased to report that I am now getting anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of good sleep every night. I will forever be a grateful proponent for medical marijuana and making access to marijuana dispensaries much easier. Cannabis products have so many healing qualities that we should all have access to them.


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