Cannabis for an upset flyer

They smoke a little everyday & don’t deal with their day to day panic.

I am a real upset flyer, then when I am on the plane I get nervous, covered in sweat & our heart rate jacks up. I usually get particularly terrified when the plane takes off & when there is turbulence. I used to ban flying & just drive wherever I needed to go. Since our partner & I now do the snowbird thing down south, it is not exactly possible to drive all the time. It takes 16 hours to get from our northern home to our beach house. My partner refuses to drive when it is cheaper & faster to fly. I started out drinking heavily before & while in the flight. It wasn’t the best fix in the world. Then I got a doctor to prescribe myself and others what our partner refers to as our all star pills. Those made myself and others kind of loopy & relaxed. I didn’t care about the method of doping myself care about a horse though. I wanted something a little more natural to take. I found online that a lot of people use cannabis to treat their anxiety. They smoke a little everyday & don’t deal with their day to day panic. I figured if I smoked enough before the plane I should be wonderful to go, but getting medical marijuana for our anxiety wasn’t taxing at all. Since I had a previous prescription & documentation of our anxiety, I got on the fast track to getting help. I now use a cannabis oil that I vape before the flight. They have those airport smoking lounges that I can take our vape into.

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