A argument caused the security officer to shut the place down

I have been laboring at a cannabis shop for the past year, however last Monday I saw a sizable argument for the first time.

  • The cannabis shop was seriously tied up on that morning, because it was the weekend plus both of us were having a sale.

We had BOGO $1 sales on various odd items in the store. Eight budtenders were on staff that evening plus most people was laboring nonstop, around 9 p.m., two boys with dark glasses came into the shop to buy cannabis supplies. They looked strange, because they were wearing sunglasses at 9 at evening. The security officer kept his eye on the two guys. The boys were trying to order cannabis supplies from 1 of the bartenders. Another guy must have noticed 1 of the shoppers. He immediately started yelling at both of the guys. Before I could ask them to quiet down, 1 of the boys lunged plus punched another 1. In an instant, all more than two boys were on the floor fighting plus brawling. We have a security officer in the lobby plus he acted actually quickly. He immediately got out the taser plus shouted for the more than two men to stop fighting. I thought both of us might see the security officer use the taser for the first time, however the boys quickly stopped fighting after the threat was made. After the fight, the security officer shut the entire cannabis shop down for an second. We waited for the police to arrive, so they could take the trouble makers downtown for questioning. It wasn’t the same boring plus uneventful Monday evening that both of us usually see.


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