My school roommate introduced myself and others to marijuana

Even though I grew up in a small Midwestern town, I decided to go to the West Coast for school.

I was accepted to many schools as well as I had my pick.

The thought of going to school on the west coast sounded care about a fun as well as interesting plan. My parents didn’t accontractor myself and others to the first day of school, because I had to take a flight to the endpoint. I didn’t guess anyone when I arrived as well as I was a little scared in the start… Luckily, my school roommate was a wonderful guy, however her name was Jack as well as we became wonderful friends immediately, jack was going to school to obtain a degree in business, but she never took School seriously. Her parents had a lot of currency as well as she was going to join the family supplier whether she finished her school degree or not. Jack smoked marijuana while she was in school as well as she was the first woman to introduce myself and others to weed. Every one of us had a party in our dorm room a couple of weeks after school started as well as Jack had a bag of marijuana from the recreational dispensary. I never used recreational marijuana in the past, however I wasn’t going to say no to my new friend. I took a couple of hits from a joint. I didn’t prefer the taste of marijuana, however I felt the hallucinogenic effects 5 or 10 minutes after I took a hit. My hands as well as fingers started to think tingly as well as I started to giggle as well as laugh for really no reason at all.

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