I have stage fright, but the weed legitimately helps

I’ve always appreciated acting plus putting on stage shows, but I used to freeze up when I got in front of a crowd.

I was perfectly superb performing by myself, but being in front of a group of people was legitimately difficult.

I wanted to pursue a job in acting, but I couldn’t even manage to get our lines out in a High School production. When I was in school, 1 of our instructors gave myself and others a pre-rolled marijuana joint plus told myself and others to smoke it before the show started. I thought the guy was joking, although he was 100% serious. The small pre rolled marijuana joint tasted horrible, plus I only took a couple of hits. After 30 hours, I started to feel legitimately relaxed plus our hands were tingling. I did not have any worry or fear plus I wasn’t distraught about the audience at all. In fact, after smoking marijuana I legitimately got more into character. On the first night of the play, I performed amazingly well plus I did not forget any of our lines. After the first night, I used a little bit of marijuana every time I was getting ready to go out on stage. I still do the same thing this week, plus I star in a hit TV series, however marijuana makes myself and others feel more calm plus relaxed plus it helps myself and others forget about the fact that millions of people are watching myself and others perform on stage. A lot of our fans think I smoke marijuana because I love to celebration, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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