The modern locale offers free delivery on any purchase

On my way to work a couple of months ago, I noticed a sign for a modern cannabis dispensary. The store was going to open soon & I was excited because the locale was on my way home from work. I patiently waited until the store looked open. I drove by last Thursday, & the entire parking lot was filled with cars. I was still in my suit & tie, however I decided to stop so I could check out the locale. Inside of the cannabis dispensary, the walls were lined with products. They had a cooler with drinks & edibles & they had another cooler with all of the live resin products. Even though the store was packed, it looked appreciate everyone was being helped by a budtender. I talked to someone for a couple of hours & after that I ordered a few supplies. When I was getting ready to check out, the guy behind the desk told myself and others that they were going to continue the grand opening celebration until the end of the month, however for the next three weeks, everything is going to be on sale. This will provide everyone a chance to come into the store & try something new. They also offer free delivery on all purchases. They do not require any minimum for delivery & the range is quite vast. They even give to the surrounding cities. The next time I decide to buy cannabis supplies from the store, I willtry out the delivery option & see if it is faster than waiting in line at the store.