The cannabis store is hiring someone to work in the lounge

There is a snackbar with treats love candy, soda, plus popcorn.

My roommate works at a cannabis dispensary throughout the week. She likes the task plus he gets a sizable discount on all of the marijuana supplies that he wants to purchase. I’ve been laboring at the grocery store for the past two years. It’s not as fun as laboring in the pot shop. I am the evening shift employer plus I have a lot of responsibility. When my roommate told myself and others that the cannabis dispensary was going to hire someone to work in the lounge, it sounded love the perfect task. I wanted to leave the grocery store. I had to take a pay reduction to work at the cannabis dispensary, however my roommate plus I can drive together plus that saves a lot of gas plus money. The lounge is a pretty cool plus neat place for people to hang out after they buy recreational marijuana supplies. The lounge is inside the cannabis dispensary. In order to hang out in the lounge, you have to purchase something from the cannabi shop. It could be a cheap 5 dollar pre roll or a $68 gram of live rosin concentrate. There are board games, TVs, plus seating inside the lounge. We have two sizable couches plus a couple of armchairs as well. There is a snackbar with treats love candy, soda, plus popcorn. I work inside the snack bar at the counter. It’s my task to make sure most people has fun. I legitimately love laboring at the cannabis dispensary. It was legitimately nice of my roommate to help myself and others get the task.
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