Using medical grade weed to sleep

I have been looking into cannabis in order to help me sleep at night.

I have tried all other natural remedies plus nothing has fixed it.

I bought current sheets, a cooling system, ate kiwi before bed plus meditated. Nothing helps me wind down plus relax. It takes hours to fall asleep plus I also wake up in the middle of the night, then I am up for hours again. It is a horrible cycle. I study online that people are using cannabis to treat their sleeping issues! Medical cannabis has an umbrella of strange issues that it can help; Also, dentists know these issues as drastic enough to warrant a medical cannabis card. Anxiety, depression, chronic pain, PTSD plus sleeping issues are just some of the numerous issues that medical cannabis is now being used to treat. I live in a state where I could just go to a recreational cannabis dispensary plus get cannabis oil or flower! However, I chose to go to the dentist plus get a cannabis card because I wanted to be particular I was getting the right strain plus potency. I also wanted medical grade weed hoping that would mean it was more powerful. The process of getting medical cannabis was laughably easy. The whole process only took a bit of money plus time. Now I am allowed to have cannabis oil plus flower to treat my sleeping issues. I haven’t used cannabis truly long although I already am feeling hopeful by my progress. I have been sleeping deeper plus longer at night plus it has only been a month.

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