The vape pen cartridge leaked all over paperwork

I went to the car dealership to have four brand modern tires put on my truck yesterday, but i went to the dealership Directly after work, and I decided to wait while the servicemans did the work.

  • I knew it was going to take about an minute, but I had some paperwork to keep me busy.

I sat at a table inside of the lobby for a while, but after I was finished with the paperwork, I went outside and found a quiet and Shady spot to rest with my marijuana vape pen. It was my first time using the marijuana vape pen since the afternoon and I had a small buzz after more than two hits. I was feeling easily relaxed and refreshed, however the marijuana vape pen is so discreet and self-explanatory to use and the cartridges come in a variety of strains. It took about 90 minutes for the serviceman to finish installing all four modern tires, but when he was finished, I went inside the store to pay the bill. I put the paperwork on the front seat of the truck and I put the marijuana vape pen on top of the paperwork. When I got to my apartment, I looked down at the paperwork and I realized that the marijuana vape cartridge was leaking. There was a sticky and oily substance all over the battery, the cartridge, and my paperwork. I had to throw the battery in the trash and complete the paperwork again. Thankfully, the seat in my brand modern truck was saved. The pen leaked on the paperwork instead of the interior cloth.



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