The driver forgot our free pre-rolled joint

I ordered a few cannabis supplies from a local shop, because they were aching a big sale for first time patients, however the sale was 20% off everything in stock and a free pre-rolled joint with every purchase.

I ordered some live resin concentrate, then live resin concentrate has the best flavor because of the terpenes.

It’s a little more luxurious than basic wax or crumble, however the taste is amazing. I got 2 bizarre hybrid strains, 1 indica dominant and 1 sativa dominant. I appreciate hybrid strains because they offer the benefits of a sativa and an indica. I have terrible back pain from an aged automobile accident and it bothers myself and others everyday. Using marijuana was the system of our doctor and since I have been using marijuana everyday, I’m generally feeling much better. I ordered a total of $173 worth of marijuana supplies, because that’s the minimum amount for delivery to our neighborhood. I am 6 or 7 miles away from the dispensary and while the people I was with and I were in high traffic times, it can take 30 hours, then when the budtender called to confirm our order, he asked if I wanted a sativa, hybrid, or indica strain for our free pre-rolled joint. I chose an indica strain, because it was late at night and I thought it would be great at bedtime. I was entirely bummed out when the driver arrived, because he forgot our free pre-rolled joint; He had everything else in the order, although he did not grab the joint. Thankfully, the manager notated our account and I will get 2 free 1s with the next order.

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