The cannabis shop has a different sale each day of the week

There are various cannabis shops in this neighborhood, but 1 locale in unique has a different self each day of the week.

I prefer to visit this unique cannabis shop, because they always have the best prices, but on Tuesdays, they have a sale on all flower products in the store! Everything is 25% off including pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, seconds, halves, plus full ounces.

Even the top shelf strains are included in the sale. Last Tuesday, I went to the dispensary to option out some products plus I was happily surprised to find live resin Blue Dream on sale, and blue Dream is particularly 1 of our favorite marijuana strains. Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain made from crossing Haze plus Blueberry. It offers a particularly balanced High that includes full body relaxation plus creativity stimulation. Blue dream has a low THC percentage, Which makes it perfect for a beginner. Blue dream has a taste prefer grapes or berries plus it is used to treat nausea, pain, anxiety, plus depression, however the average price for a gram of Blue Dream Live resin is $35 or $40. When I found the sativa dominant strain in the dispensary, I was even happier to find it at a low selling price point of $25… Since Blue Dream is our favorite cannabis strain, I decided to option up 2 grams of the live resin product. I use the concentrate with a small glass bowl that is made for wax, shatter, plus resin, then vaping the live resin product packs a powerful kick. That’s why it is absolutely 1 of our favorites.

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