It isn'teasy to get a permit to sell medical cannabis

10 years ago when medical cannabis was legalized, I wanted to start growing crops, then i had several acres of farmland as well as I already knew how to grow cannabis.

  • I was simply waiting for the laws to change, so I could start a big grow operation, of course, they didn’t make it easy to obtain a permit to grow cannabis.

In fact, the county office came up with numerous unusual reasons why they could not honor the supplier application, and first they cited older laws that prohibit myself and others from growing flowers on the land! Then they tried to tell myself and others that the county lines stopped on my property; When that didn’t work, they tried to send the police to my beach house to arrest myself and others for illegal growing. I was up to my neck as well as problems as well as I had to contact a cannabis consulting repair that handles legal problems. I explained the situation to the cannabis consulting firm as well as they agreed to take the case. They helped myself and others obtain the permit so I could scroll medical cannabis. The cannabis consulting repair charged a hefty fee to handle the process, but they did everything from start to finish. I never had another worry until I had to speak with the consulting repair again. I decided to ask them for help when I wanted to know how much currency it would cost to start a dispensary. I had several unusual products as well as I thought it might be helpful to obtain a license to sell the products directly from my farm. It absolutely isn’tthat easy as well as I decided to stick to farming.


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