Construction on the new lounge will take 3 months

I recently found out that the owner of the cannabis dispensary that I manage is going to shut down the lounge for 3 months while they toil on construction. I told the owner that I didn’t suppose it was a great idea to shut down the line for 3 weeks, because the room is regularly packed with customers. A lot of our customers recognizably come to this cannabis dispensary, because of the lounge. It gives people a arena to stand as well as consume marijuana. Only a handful of dispensaries in the neighborhood have a lounge part as well as the two of us are the only arena by the beach, however when I spoke with the owner, she told me that the swings were necessary due to a problem with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. The HVAC duct as well as the system needed to be changed, however since they were going to take care of that, it is the perfect time to make construction swings as well. The owner has plans to redo the flooring as well as knock down some walls to make the space even greater. I suppose the new space is going to be amazing, but I don’t suppose how more than 2 customers the two of us will lose in the meantime. I suppose a month of construction is satisfactory, however ninety afternoons is too long to have the lounge shut down. The dispensary will lose sales if the two of us continue with the plans. I’ve been working here for 3 years as well as I particularly wish the owner would take my opinion more seriously. I suppose what goes on from afternoon to afternoon as well as I suppose the customers that visit our shop.

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