Cannabis dispensary vacation trip

My wife and I actually schedule our vacations around going to cannabis dispensaries.

That’s right. It’s just the best. Like you’ve heard of wine tour vacations right? The same but with a different natural product being enjoyed. We happen to live in a region where recreational marijuana use is still illegal. That will hopefully change soon because it came so close during the last election cycle. It would really be great to have our own local cannabis spot where we do our shopping for our cannabis products. But that day will come. It’s simply inevitable at this point. So for the time being, we will still work our time off into fun excursions to the cannabis dispensary. The closest cannabis dispensary is about 5 hours by car. Fortunately, it’s a really nice spot. We have a few favorite restaurants out there and so we make a long weekend out of it. However, we also do our big vacations much the same way. Together, we are working our way through the different states that allow for recreational marijuana. And it has been a blast. The different regions produce beautifully different hybrid strains for sale. It’s a lot like getting to taste different varietals of wine. The cannabis dispensaries also vary a lot from area to area. However, they all have one thing in common. There hasn’t been one marijuana dispensary that we’ve been in where the vibrations wasn’t kind and joyful. That in and of itself is such a wonderful element to every visit we make to a cannabis dispensary. And that is a beautiful thing.



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