We smoked way too much, way too fast

I have two roommates, and one of them has a live-in girlfriend. Well, she wasn’t initially a live-in girlfriend, but then the COVID quarantine hit and she just ended up staying here with us. The first few weeks were kind of fun, and then the cabin fever set in. Watching entire runs of TV series and movies franchises got old, and we played out every board game and card game in the house. I am not sure who came up with the idea first, but it came about in the middle of a smoke session, and we spent all night planning it out. We called it the Cannabis Games, and would be an Olympic style competition with several different marijuana-based contests between the four of us. The first event was called the “dirty marijuana pick and roll” which used locally grown cannabis that was sticky and full of seeds. The goal of this event was to clean the marijuana, break it down by hand, and roll it into a perfect joint. The second leg of the event is to puff and pass, and smoke all four marijuana cigarettes at once in a circle. For the next event we got out the massive three chambers glass bong and stuffed it full of Orange kush. This one was an endurance test, and the bong went around the circle, each of us hitting more and more Orange kush until we tapped out one by one. These events went on for three days, until we realized we had smoked up a whole month’s worth of cannabis!
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