To pass the time, we smoked weed competitively

How did you pass the time in quarantine? Of course you smoked a lot, we all smoked a lot, but what else did you do? There was only so much TV I could watch, you know what I mean? I watched all five seasons of The Wire, then the whole run of Sopranos, and topped it off with Breaking Bad and then every episode of Better Call Saul.

  • After that I just didn’t want to even look at the TV for a while, so I had to get creative.

I live with my friend Randy and his girlfriend Charlotte, and we hatched the idea of a cannabis “olympics” style event. We created several different games based around smoking marijuana, and then would go head to head and see who came out on top. I know it sounds corny, but give me a break, the cannabis dispensary delivered, and we literally had nothing else to do but smoke. We started off with “blunt sprints” which used lower quality marijuana in blunts, and we each smoked a whole blunt to see who did it the fastest. Next was the Gravity Bong Hurdles, which used OG Kush in our sink-based gravity bong, and this was an endurance challenge. We probably should have used lower quality marijuana for that, because it knocked us all out… but I was the last one standing! The cannabis olympics lasted for the better part of a week, mostly because we would smoke ourselves unconscious by the middle of the day! It was an amazing way to pass the time.
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