This cannabis dispensary was different from the ones back home

Have you ever visited the place you grew up, and found it to be unrecognizable? This has been happening to me a lot lately, because I have had a lot of time off from work and decided to do some traveling.

The COVID quarantine made me miss traveling, so I decided to hit a few of my old haunts across the country.

The first bar where I got drunk with a fake ID is now a T-Mobile store, and what was once a 1 story building is now 6 stories. I tried to track down the old pizza joint I used to love, and found that it was now a cannabis dispensary. Never one to waste a trip, I went inside to see if they would honor my medical marijuana card from my home state. Where I live there are legal cannabis dispensaries for medicinal use, so they are like pharmacies and require a state sponsored card as well as an insurance card. It turns out this state has legalized recreational marijuana use, so they didn’t give a crap about my card. Any legal adult with the money to spend can walk into a cannabis dispensary and buy what they want. I love it, that here cannabis is treated the same as pain reliever or cough drops, and doesn’t have to be such a big deal. I spent an hour walking around this amazing cannabis dispensary, which wasn’t like ours back at home. This was warm, cozy, with chairs to sit and relax, a coffee cart, and a smokers lounge for sampling cannabis.

recreational pot store