The cannabis dispensary will be competition

I have a small field of marijuana plants deep on my parent’s farmland.

Small town life is pretty isolated, and a lot of folks have a desire to make things “the way they used to be.” People use this as an excuse to resist change, or even worse get angry about change. When pot legalization came up during the last state elections, this whole town lost its collective mind. People were outraged about it, people put up signs and made a big fuss. Of course legalization passed, we all knew it would, so then the town focused on passing a local ordinance to prohibit any cannabis dispensaries from opening within the town limits. This is fine with me, because I have been secretly growing and selling marijuana for the last three years, and I don’t need the competition. It’s funny to me that a few of the people fighting against the cannabis dispensary are buying from me on the sly. No one dares be open about using mairjuana, but lots of people do… thanks to me. I have a small field of marijuana plants deep on my parent’s farmland. This is not an active farm, thanks to government subsidies my parents make more money by not growing anything, so I use the land for some marijuana plants. I don’t go nuts with it, I haven’t expanded my marijuana field in over a year, because I don’t want to grow so much that it will draw attention. Even if the cannabis dispensary does open, many of the locals won’t want to buy weed in public, so maybe it won’t affect my revenue at all.

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