Stress relief from a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Stress is an absolute and real factor in my life. From the time I was in middle school, I have dealt with the adverse effects of high stress levels. And those symptoms include anxiety, feelings of dread and complete spiritual and emotional exhaustion. The truth is that I’m just not built like most people else. My stress limits are low and whenever I go past them, there are immediate consequences for sure. These days I find my relief from a trip to the local cannabis spot. But during highschool, my mom had a nurse put myself and others on antidepressant meds. These meds had a sizable different effect on my life. I sort of just was disconnected and unemotional. I recognize that it was better than freaking out but it was no way to live. So when I was first introduced to using recreational marijuana when I was in university, it was a complete and utter game changer for my life. I have no system what the strain or the THC content but the first time I used marijuana, I saw my entire life through a whole current prism. It was like the air going out of the balloon and being filled with sunshine. This was not lost on me. When I got out of school, I weaned off the old pills. And now, I just make sure that I get to the local cannabis spot for some hybrid strains or some juicy sativa strains. Pretty much 3 to 4 times per week using my goodies from the cannabis dispensary is all that it takes to balance and release my stress. And as long as the cannabis dispensary carries what I need, I’ll be showing up there a couple times per month with a giant smile on my face.

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