My smoked cannabis back in the day

You don’t know my Mom, but she is the unquestionably definition of a typical mom.

Before I was born she served with the peace corps for 4years, and she still cut her own hair in a bob every Wednesday; She has unquestionably bad hair and dated hair now, but she still does the short cut.

Mom was a stern lady, strict, but she enjoyed the kids and would spoil them when she could. That was then, and these days she is a retiree who plays a lot of tennis. I also just learned she smokes an inhuman amount of cannabis, and I have come to see her in a whole new light. It started a few weeks ago when I saw my mom smoking a cigarette on the front porch, only when I got closer I caught the smell of weed and realized it wasn’t a cigarette at all! My mom and I talked about it a little, but she isn’t big on talking, so I just left the little bucket of marijuana I had on me and told her to enjoy it. I called my mom back the next day and asked how she liked it, and she said the marijuana was “fine” and that she had smoked it all. I was blown away, because for me that was almost a week’s worth of cannabis, and the old lady had crushed it in one sitting. My mom told me that in the peace corps everyone smokes cannabis to relax and kick back in the evening. That amount of weed meant nothing to her.

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