MY goal is to one day work at a cannabis dispensary

You can judge me all you want for doing a wake and bake at age 46 because I don’t care.

I worked hard for a lot of years, raised kids, held a steady job, paid my bills, and any habits I have are ones that I chose.

I think the problem is that people expect this kind of consumption from a younger person, and it is supposed to taper off as you get older. In my case the opposite is true, I used to only dabble with smoking cannabis once in a while, and now I am an everyday smoker. Correction, I am an all-day, every-day cannabis user, and any day I don’t get lifted is a day that I am bedridden sick. Cannabis makes me enjoy life a lot more, it helps me sleep better, and helps me to relieve stress. Life can be so stressful, so unrelentingly aggravating, that only in the depths of a cloud of pungent cannabis smoke do I find my peace. My kids are all teens now, they don’t need me hovering around, so I have much more free time to smoke marijuana then over the fifteen years. I put in my work, I raised good kids, and since I work from home now I can easily do my daily tasks while smoking OG Kush the whole time. My goal is to quit the job I have now and work full time at one of the local cannabis dispensaries, and ride out the last 30 years of my life selling tasty greens to people.

medical cannabis dispensary