I often get free cannabis delivery because I buy a lot of cannabis products

I became rather used to delivery over the past year, regardless of whether or not I’m shopping at a diner or a grocery store.

It was generally easier as well as less stressful because I could avoid all of the people in public who would not wear masks whenever they left their properties.

Before the pandemic started, grocery shopping was still fairly stressful for myself and others because the aisles were always packed with people as well as the shelves were often empty when I needed unique products. This turned shopping into a significantly stressful errand as well as forced me to avoid it until delivery was finally launched during the pandemic. Clearly there were fees that went along with using this service, however for me it was worth the cost if I could avoid the stress from shopping as well as risk from being exposed to infectious people. The marijuana dispensaries were mostly stressful during the pandemic. Before then it was tough enough showing up on a random occasion as well as finding what you needed, let alone the stress of being crammed in a claustrophobic lobby for a long period of time while others were going around everywhere maskless. When the cannabis dispensaries were able to unveil their delivery programs, I was completely ecstatic. Many people complained that they were charging for delivery, however I certainly understand. You have to consider the gasoline as well as the wages of the person making the deliveries. I’m glad that my number one cannabis dispensary has free delivery on all orders over $100. On any order under $100, the delivery fee is $10. Since I regularly order at least $150 worth of products at a time, I basically always get free delivery.


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