Freeing myself from anxiety with nature’s help

Living with anxiety and depression was really all I ever knew.

And that is a sad state of affairs.

Yet, I can’t ever remember a time where I wasn’t scared, depressed or dreading life. It was just a default perspective to me. And it was just such a painful way to go through life. I can’t say whether or not I will ever be completely free of anxiety. But with the help of medical cannabis, I am indeed seeing that life just has so much to offer. I think this may be a key element for anyone dealing with depression and anxiety. It filters just everything a person experiences so it makes it so hard to see a reason to keep trudging through life. Now that I have a medical marijuana card, I have access a dispensary near me and that has changed my life. I mean totally changed my life unlike any antidepressant or any other medication I have ever taken. And I have taken such a vast array of prescription meds. Cannabis was an immediate game changer for me. There was a near instant lifting of the filter I referenced. Suddenly, I could sort of see and sense what others did naturally. The first time I used weed that I got from the medical marijuana store, it was an epiphany. There was a sense of beauty and possibility where there had only been fear and dread. Plus, I love the how supportive and compassionate the people at the weed store are. It’s been a remarkable experience.
cannabis dispensary