An amazing cannabis experience on a cruise

I took my first cruise last month! It wasn’t anything huge, just a two day back-and-forth trip over to one of the Bahama islands.

I had a total blast, and was partying pretty hard even before we left port.

My friends and I weren’t holding weed initially, so we were hitting the booze pretty hard to compensate. Our plan was to track down some local stuff in the islands, to try and get high ended Bahama grass. Once we landed and started walking around, it took us about an hour to find someone with cannabis to sell. It looked great, smelled even better, and the man who sold it claimed it was freshly harvested from his own marijuana field. The crazy part was that we paid him, and he handed us the entire bag of cannabis. It must have been half a pound of this insanely tasty marijuana, for the price of what I pay for two ounces at home! There was a problem, of course — we easily smuggled the cannabis onto the ship, but knew we would probably be searched on the way off. That meant the clock was ticking, and we had to power smoke as much marijuana as we could before it was time to get off. Someone floated the idea of putting the cannabis in a balloon and swallowing, but I pointed out how the balloon would exit the body, and said no. We ended up rolling a couple of dozen marijuana blunts and running around the decks just handing them out — no use in having quality cannabis go to waste!

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