I knew a long time ago that cannabis products helps glaucoma

I’m in our mid-fifties plus care about our dad before me, I have dealt with borderline interocular pressure that is a precursor to glaucoma. When I was about 16, I had to start going to the eye dentist every six months to keep a learn on the eye pressure. Funny thing though, when I was in university, our eye pressure dropped dramatically. That has everything to do with the fact that I was using cannabis flower products properly. While medical marijuana was still a long way away, I knew that cannabis products were helping our eye pressure. Even back then, there were some studies that indicated cannabis products could have some effect on interocular eye pressure. But for me, it was remarkable. Until I got a job where I was drug took care of randomly plus had to stop the cannabis products use did our eye pressure begin to rise once again. Fortunately, I now live in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Once I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card, I then started going to the legal weed shop. There I met staff members who were particularly expert in cannabis products. I told them about our borderline glaucoma plus that I still wanted to treat it naturally with medical marijuana. They up-to-date just what cannabis flower product to go to in order to make that happen. Granted, a lot has changed in treating glaucoma since I was in our teens plus twenties. But the fact of the matter remains that if I can advance our eye health with medical cannabis, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.



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