Medical marijuana for anxiety

I have struggled with anxiety all my life, however it has been difficult for me to care about myself or even relax in a variety of situations, from social events, to professional contractor events.

I have tried all different kinds of anxiety medications, but most of them left me feeling unmotivated plus kind of separated from my life, however my professional work was beginning to suffer because I found it so hard to interact with clients while dealing with my anxiety. It wasn’t until I went to a Medical cannabis dispensary to see what kind of products might be able to help me; When I told the woman working there that I wanted to try cannabis for anxiety, she recommended that I start with cannabis edibles; Cannabis edibles are ideal for beginners because it is much easier to try a controlled dose, so that I can take enough for it to be effective, separate from consuming too much plus having an undesired effect, and she told me to start with just half a gummy in the morning, so the next day, that’s exactly what I did; The whole day I felt great, I didn’t think “high” like is officially depicted in motion pictures plus cable shows, although I felt a calm, relaxed sensation, which left me mental space to deal with my anxiety in an effective way. Since I felt so calm, my confidence was the only thing that was high, I was able to talk to clients, plus joke around plus have a relaxed conversation, something I was unable to do while on anxiety medication. If you are dealing with anxiety, head to your local cannabis dispensary to see what they can do for you today!


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