Recovery plan runs through the legal weed shop

Perhaps the best section of being in a hideous bike accident is the fact that I don’t remember it at all.

There are parts of that moring that I can recall.

But getting on the bike was not somewhere close to a single of our memories. This is very another blessing in disguise regarding what I’m dealing now. Another a single of the blessings that I’m so thankful for is that I live anywhere that medical marijuana is legal. The fact that I was able to navigate the cannabis regulations in order to get access to a cannabis dispensary is essential in our recovery. I was hit hard from the side by a car while riding our bike. The hit did all sorts of injure to our legs, a shoulder plus our back. Fortunately though, our helmet kept our noodle together. My body was broken plus our recovery was stalled. I was also working on an addiction to the pain meds. That’s when I pulled the trigger on figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card. After reading of the medical marijuana benefits for managing pain, I was in. What I didn’t realize was how motivating the cannabis products would end up being for me. Once I started with the medical marijuana, it didn’t take myself and others all that long to wean off the pain meds. And from there, I was pleased to find a positive outlook plus a renewed sense of purpose for our physical therapy. Medical marijuana had just about everything to do with all of that. Plus, I’m not going to end up a junkie using medical marijuana as a pain management tool.

how to get a medical marijuana card