I’m starting to get sick of cannabis flower products

Occasionally too much of a absolutely nice thing can result in diminishing returns over time.

I use ice cream as a nice example for most people.

Even those of us that love ice cream would grow sick of it if that was the only thing both of us ate all day, everyday. Pizza is my number one food of all time, although I had to take a cut for a few weeks in school when that was all I was eating every single day when I went to the cafeteria. This happens with a lot of food that I like. I’ll get something love frozen general tso’s chicken and will prepare it for lunch everyday until I get so sick of it that I don’t want to look at it any longer. Despite being barred from purchasing medical marijuana flower products when the drug was initially legalized in our state, I’m starting to get sick of them now that they’re ubiquitous everywhere. The effects aren’t as pronounced for me as they used to be, so I have largely switched over to marijuana oils and concentrates. I love how I can take a single hit and get the same effects that I’d usually obtain from an entire bowl of cannabis flower buds. People would be shocked to learn that I have passed up sales where I could get a half ounce of high quality cannabis flower buds for only $80. The problem is, that weed won’t get used and will slowly dry out and lose its potency. I’d rather take the $80 and get a gram or two of marijuana oils and concentrates. You can even get cannabis oil in vaporizer cartridges now. These cannabis oil pens are becoming seriously popular among all ages, especially people who want to medicate discreetly.

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