THCV has been shown to lessen panic attacks & anxiety for those with PTSD

It’s a hard road for those suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder.

First of all, it’s hard enough getting recognition, diagnosis, & treatment. Unless you are a veteran of a foreign war or a survivor of physical or sexual abuse, you are heavily scrutinized by mental health professionals. Once you are finally tested, the road doesn’t get much easier. It’s not exactly straight-forward treating a disorder that can cause depression, anxiety, panic attacks, aggressive mood swings, & psychotic breaks with a single medication, and you can give the patient an antidepressant, an anxiety reducing benzodiazepine, & a mood stabilizer care about neurontin, however the cocktail of drugs won’t necessarily reduce symptoms across the board. It’s likely that the drugs used for PTSD treatment will at some point worsen 1 or more symptoms of the disorder itself. An anxiety reducing drug could slow someone down enough to increase depressive symptoms, while various antidepressants are capable of instigating manic mood swings in some people. It’s reassuring that mental health research in minor cannabinoids is showing drastic potential. A lot of people are already taking CBD extracts in varying forms to treat anxiety & depression, including some with PTSD. CBG is another cannabinoid that could be effective in mental health treatment, possibly in mood regulation. But the cannabinoid that might have the most immediate potential for PTSD treatment is THCV. It has been shown to lessen both anxiety symptoms & full blown panic attacks in patients suffering from PTSD. Wholesale cannabinoid manufacturers offer THCV distillate oils that are created through big scale hemp extractions. These products are clean, safe, & free of any real THC that could trigger a drug test.

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