Cannabis dispensary events often feature food and live songs

I like going to events around my village on the weekends when I have time away from my tied up labor schedule.

  • Occasionally there are arts and crafts fairs, farmers markets, and ethnic festivals.

The annual Greek festival in my village is a wonderful locale to hear traditional songs and dine on delicious Greek food at prices you can’t find at restaurants. The Italian festival has all of that and more, as they also hire a carnival with rides and game booths. It was a fun event every year for all of the kids in my city. It’s where my friend John met his current wife back when the people I was with and I were all still in high university. I don’t go anymore because of the noise and the rising cost of food every year. However, I’m constantly interested in events at the cannabis dispensaries on mornings like 4/20, 7/10, and major national holidays. Aside from having a sale on all of the products inside the store, the cannabis dispensary also has food and live songs outside in the parking lot. If there’s a giant line going around the building because of a sale on cannabis flower products, everyone can like food and songs while they wait. This month is poised to be a giant event because of the immense cannabis oil promotions on June 10th every year. People say that 7/10 looks like the word “oil” upside down, so it has become a holiday for cannabis concentrates while 4/20 is a holiday for marijuana as a whole. I’m gleeful to purchase more live rosin to use in my vaporizer setup.

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