Work wasn’t fun without air conditioning.

I have been enjoying my job ever since I put in my application.

  • I had several jobs before applying for this one.

I worked in a factory and I worked in a grocery store. I also worked for a retail business for a while. At one point, I was working in a campground, and hating every minute of it. The cannabis dispensary is the best and most interesting job I have ever had. I couldn’t just walk into the job and start working. I had to take classes before I could be hired. I needed to take classes for almost two months. I needed to learn about the laws, rules and regulation of both medical and recreational marijuana in our state, and the states around us. Once I learned all the information and passed a test, I got my certification. I was then hired as a budtender in the local cannabis dispensary. For almost two years I was working with the public and I hadn’t had a problem that made me not want to work. This past month, I was having a difficult time saying that. We were having problems with our air conditioning. If it weren’t for the cooler we had in the store, the cannabis concentrate would not have been any good. The manager had called the HVAC company to repair the air conditioning, but it took them a while to get there. When the HVAC technician finally showed up, he told us the air conditioning was fixed. I was having a hard time believing this since the temperature was still going up in the dispensary.

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