What is a dab cap?

Not until I went to the local cannabis dispensary for 420, did I know what a dab cap was or how interesting it could be.

  • 420 is known around the world as a holiday for stoners and pot smokers.

My friends and I celebrate 420 by taking the afternoon off work and going shopping. We end up getting a lot of cool gifts on 420. We visit a couple marijuana dispensaries so we can make large enough purchases to get a free goodie bag. We have received things like lanyards, glass bowls, stickers, weed, and edibles. When we went to our regular marijuana dispensary, I received a dab cap in my bag. I had never seen a dab cap until I got this one for free. A dab cap is a really cool tool used for the vape pen. It is a small piece of silicone that fits on the end of the vape pen. When the dab cap is used with a bong, the cap allows the smoker to use the pen while using the bong. This was a very exciting new experience for me and my friends. I normally use distillate cartridges in my vape pen. When I used bong with the distillate, I got an amazing high unlike any I had ever got from just using the vape pen. My friends all received a dab cap in their goodie bags. Although we received free concentrate, weed, edibles and smoking accessories, my favorite item is the silicone dab cap. I almost didn’t go shopping at the 420 celebration, but I was glad I changed my mind.
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