This retirement community was in need of a cannabis dispensary

Sometimes crazy ideas are genius, other times they are just crazy to me.

  • It’s tough to say which way things will progress unless you take the leap of faith and try it.

That’s what I did, and I am ecstatic to report that my crazy idea paid off! I moved way down south, into a town that was more of a giant retirement community than a proper township. This arena had forty several thousand residents, and forty thousand of them were senior citizens… When I told my coworkers about my idea, to transport down south and set up a cannabis dispensary in this town of retirees, they all scoffed. They all said that senior citizens are against using cannabis, and that staying in a college town was the smart play. What these fools don’t realize is that senior citizens are NOT against using marijuana, at least not any more; as the calculus improves, and more doctors tout the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plants, more and more seniors are on board with the idea… But besides that, in a retirement community there is no competition, while the two of us were in a college town everyone knows a guy who sells marijuana. I had a single of my fellow employees transport down here with me, and now that young person is the director for our booming cannabis dispensary, overseeing a staff of numerous budtenders. That’s right, I said numerous budtenders, that’s how much cannabis I am selling to these delightful retirees. I still appreciate calling my old cannabis dispensary and checking in with them, if only to rub it in how my crazy idea paid off!



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