They were the best sales I had ever seen.

I had never been as happy to shop at a cannabis dispensary as I was last week.

I got a text from the local cannabis dispensary announcing all the specials they had for the 420 celebration.

It seemed like there was something on sale in nearly every category. The marijuana edibles were 15% off. All of the marijuana flower were on sale for 20% off. Even the vape pen cartridges were on sale. Some of the vape pen cartridges were Buy One Get One. My friends and I headed to the dispensary early on the day of 420. We didn’t want to miss any of the sales. I was able to purchase some kush that looked orange and black. It was the prettiest flower I had seen in a long time. I wouldn’t normally spend $65 on an ⅛ of marijuana, but the 30% discount made it affordable. When I got home with all of my cannabis supplies, the first thing I wanted to try was the marijuana. When the package was opened, the odor went all through the house. It only took a small bowl for me to find the effects. I wish I had spent more money on good marijuana. I can’t afford to spend $65 on marijuana, but with the 30% off, I should have bought more. I’m going to need to wait until the next 420 celebrations. I’ll make sure to take more money with me. Along with my cannabis supplies, I’ll also be purchasing more quality marijuana than the ⅛ I bought this year. Next year, I’ll also know exactly what to buy.

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