They had new delivery protocols.

Using the same cannabis dispensary all the time, means you can get special sales.

We get notified ahead of time what sales they are going to have, about a week ahead. Since I get paid on Wednesdays, I am the one who puts in our order. My friends and I enjoy that I can order the items, get the best price on marijuana products for their weekend sales, and they can pay their share when we get together on the weekend. I got a notice that they were having new delivery protocols starting this weekend. Then I got the notice of all the sales. The sales text talked about their new delivery rules. They changed how much it cost for delivery of marijuana products. I hoped I didn’t need to drive into the city to pick up our marijuana products. Although we only live five miles outside of the city, the traffic gets bad when we get close to the city. It can take us nearly half an hour to get to the marijuana dispensary. I read on and realized that we were going to enjoy their delivery service even more. If we ordered $75 in marijuana products, we would now get free delivery. It was easy to get our order up to $75. Our order actually went over $200. When our marijuana products were delivered, we had three free pre-roll marijuana cigarettes in our bag. We made out really well with our marijuana order. I called the marijuana dispensary and told them about the pre-rolls and they said it was a thank you for our continued patronage, and for putting in such a big order.

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