Their online system wasn’t working.

I woke up this morning all ready to go online and put in an order to the cannabis dispensary.

I like being able to put my order online and pick it up when I get out of work.

Wednesdays have the best sales at the cannabis dispensary. I turned on my computer this morning and I was going through their sales. When I found that the marijuana flower and the wax were on sale, I knew what I was going to order. I tried to add two grams of wax to the cart, but nothing happened. I thought maybe there was a broken link. I then tried to add some marijuana flower to the cart, but nothing happened. I thought maybe they just hadn’t made the page live yet. I got my shower and dressed. I then returned to the website for the marijuana dispensary. Once again, I pressed the ‘add to cart’ button on the wax, but nothing happened. I tried to once again add the marijuana flower to the cart, but it still wasn’t working. Right before I went to work, I called the marijuana dispensary. I told them I wanted to put in an order. The operator told me that if I wanted the specials I had to put my order in online. I told her the link wasn’t working to add anything to the cart. She seemed a bit skeptical and she must have checked it out. She took my order over the phone and thanked me for letting them know there was a problem. When I picked up my marijuana order that afternoon, she had added a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette as a thank you.


Cannabis dispensary