The online ordering system link was broken.

Our local cannabis dispensary has online sales every Thursday. The only hitch is that if you don’t order early, the best of the deals are gone when you finally get around to putting in your order. I wake up early Thursday morning and I check out the sales they are advertising. If there is something that I need, I put it in my order and make it so I can pick it up after work. This morning, I got up early and checked out the website. I saw several things that I wanted. I pulled up the website and I started to put two grams of wax into the cart. I thought maybe I had hit the wrong button because the wax didn’t show up. I tried it again, but still nothing happened. I then tried to add some marijuana flower to the cart. Once again, nothing happened and I had no items in my cart. I didn’t have a lot of time to waste on the website and I called the cannabis dispensary. I told her I wanted to put in an order for the wax and marijuana flower that were on sale. I was told that I had to put the order in online if I wanted the special pricing. I explained that the website ordering system was not working. I told her how I tried to add items to the cart, but the link was broken. She thought it odd that no one else had called and told her there was a problem. She tried the website while I was on the phone, and she then took my order while thanking me for letting her know.


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