The new delivery plan was much better.

Over the past year, my friends and I have been using the same marijuana dispensary to purchase our marijuana supplies.

They usually have some amazing sales over the weekend.

You can purchase cannabis supplies and even some marijuana flower at really good prices, if you order by Friday morning. Since I get paid on Thursday, I would find out what everyone wanted and I would put in the order so we didn’t miss any of the sales. The last time I put in an order, I was told they were making some changes to their delivery service. My dad always said that there isn’t a change that can be made that wasn’t going to be bad. I was really hesitant about putting in a marijuana order without knowing what those changes were going to be. The budtender I talked to told me there would be a flyer in our next order, explaining the change they were making. When we got our order, we read the flyer and they were announcing free delivery within ten miles of the dispensary, if our order was over $75. The $75 wasn’t going to be difficult to do. We quickly figured out our order when Wednesday came around, and I put in the order on Thursday morning. They told me my order would be delivered on Friday evening. Before they made the delivery, the cannabis dispensary called to make sure our order was correct and told us our delivery would be free. She thanked us for our $200 order and said there would be some goodies added to our cannabis order, as a small thank you.


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