Some health issues can be helped with medical marijuana.

For years, I have been noticing how medical marijuana has been used for more and more ailments.

They are using medical marijuana to treat seizures, PTSD, pain, cancer and eating disorders.

I knew about the eating disorders. When my sister entered into her teens, she started to worry about being too fat. She said she would never get a boyfriend if she didn’t lose weight. The need to lose weight became a compulsion. When I saw her in her bedroom one evening, I knew she had taken her dieting too far. I could see her ribs in her back and I could see her leg bones. She threw something at me to get me out of the bedroom, but I had already seen what I saw and I was heading downstairs to tell mom. Mom made her show her ribs. We all knew she had an eating disorder, and I worried it was too late. Mom took her to a therapist who worked with eating disorders. My sister said she only ate about once or twice a week, and that was just enough so she didn’t get dizzy. The therapist told mom that she could give her THC tablets. The marijuana would induce hunger. It was a low dose marijuana pill, which was all she could legally prescribe at that time. Every morning, my sister would take her marijuana tablet. By noon, she would be eating. She never over ate, but it was enough to keep her healthy. Even though she was mad at me for quite some time; her anger was better than not having her here.

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