Sleeping issues and cannabis

I have terrible insomnia.

There are a lot of reasons someone can’t sleep at night.

For me, I think I am just anxious and restless. I am constantly getting up to use the bathroom, adjust my sheets or I just walk around my house. I get bored laying in my bed and not achieving a good night of sleep. It is not usual for me to get up around 3 am and start working on my laptop. I put in a few hours and then I try to go back to sleep. New sheets, pillows and a mattress didn’t help. I invested in a sound machine, ate kiwi before bed and started working out. None of those things helped. The only thing that really makes a difference in my sleeping pattern is when I smoke cannabis. THC and CBD work together as a team. They plug into the cannabinoid receptors on brain cells. Apparently people who struggle sleeping at night due to pain, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and anxiety all can have success smoking cannabis. There are some warnings though. It can be a double edged sword when relying on cannabis. The THC can help, but if you are a little too high, it makes sleep even harder. Too little of CBD could also interfere with a good night of rest, but a lot more can help you sleep deeper and longer. Finding the right percentage of each is key and takes a lot of trial and error. So far I still have sleeping issues, but they are getting better.

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