Shopping for cannabis is an unexpected pleasure

Shopping for marijuana was quite different when I last used it.

Actually, shopping really isn’t the term that I would use unless shopping meant getting whatever there was out there. I didn’t know a cannabis grower or anyone like that. Back then, I didn’t even know a legitimate marijuana dealer. Shopping for marijuana simply meant that I would ask people I knew who smoked weed to get me some. Every now and again, I might be able to ask for either indica or sativa. But that was rare. Plus, I had zero clue, back then, just what sort of THC content there was in the marijuana I was buying. Still, I was always so grateful anytime I could safely score a bag of marijuana. But then, I put cannabis aside to focus on adulting and career and blah, blah, blah. This was stupid of course but it’s sort of what you did back then. However, I watched intensely as the marijuana legislation got stronger and finally passed. ONce there was a local cannabis spot, I thought I’d have a look. In my mind, I thought there might be a big jar of indica buds and a big jar of sativa buds. And maybe there were some edibles as well but I imagined that would consist of pot brownies at best. When I walked into the local cannabis spot, I was simply stunned. What I saw was the most complete and utterly fantastic collection of cannabis products I had ever seen in my life. It was so overwhelming that I had to go to the staff for help in just choosing a few samples.
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