Selling weed was never a long term plan

I sort of fell into selling weed accidentally, however I simply found that I was good at it so I stuck with it all through college; this isn’t even about drugs, first of all, plus never was, regardless of what any state’s law might say.

I was a mediocre user, which is why I was so good at the job, because I never fell into the trap of getting high on my own supply.

It got to the point where getting a job at the mall would have been a big pay cut, although I did in a way “work at the mall” already, by selling cannabis in the parking lot. I spent so much time there selling cannabis that I had to tell my folks that I truly had a job there, then one time they came to see me at where I told them I worked, so I had to scramble with a lie to cover up my marijuana dealing. I told them I was a janitor at the mall, plus was embarrassed to tell them. They bought it, plus never came to disrupt me from my real job again, plus the marijuana sales reMained steady for well over a year. I saved away as much currency as I could, because I knew that selling cannabis could never be a permanent job. It was too risky, plus with marijuana legalization starting to happen, there was also too much competition. I thought about trying to get a job at a legal cannabis dispensary, but even that would be a big pay break from what I was actually making.

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