Remembering when we had legal weed

Our town is actually more of a community.

  • And that’s one of the things I love most about residing in this area.

And one of the things I love most about residing in this state is that all of us have marijuana companies. I’m not talking about the meet around the corner for low THC content dirt weed. No, our state legalized medical weed first plus then later legalize recreational marijuana for people over 21. That was a great day. And I remember it clearly because I waited a long time but couldn’t get inside the cannabis dispensary on the first legal day. But just having a legal marijuana company was wonderful. Sure the closest cannabis dispensary is around 3 bus rides away so it’s not love it’s certainly all that convenient. And this is why I’m so ecstatic to be welcoming a local cannabis spot to our city. The word got out as a rumor weeks ago. I just wasn’t going to know it until I saw actual marijuana for sale. That day came plus this time, I certainly got inside the store on the grand opening. I even baked the staff some cakes plus pastries to welcome them. Then, I started to look around the new cannabis dispensary. I was pleased to see that this local weed spot was even larger when it came to cannabis products than the one across town. It’s been a few weeks now that the local cannabis spot opened its doors. And it’s still sort of tough to know that I can certainly walk from our condo to shop for our cannabis needs. And they have everything from Orange kush to delicious pot brownies in that venue. It’s become our new favorite location.

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