Our ten minutes delivery took almost an hour.

Every chance we get, my friends and I go to concerts.

There isn’t much we won’t do to see one of our favorite groups in concert. This weekend was one of our most favorite bands of all time. We took Friday off work and headed out early. We had booked a hotel that was only ten miles away from the venue where the band was playing. When we got to the hotel, we had enough time to grab something to eat and get a nap before heading to the concert. I laid down only to be shaken when my friend jumped on the bed and shouted they had a marijuana dispensary that delivered. All three of us were pretty hungry so we grabbed the delivery menu for pizza and the delivery menu for the marijuana dispensary. We ordered a large pizza with the works, minus anchovies, that was to be delivered in half an hour. We then ordered a half ounce of Blue Dream from the marijuana dispensary. They told us it would take about ten minutes to arrive. When the cannabis dispensary called to confirm our order, they said we had ordered Blue Dream and it would be there in ten minutes. Blue Dream is a great strain since we were going to a concert. Blue Dream does not cause drowsiness, but it lifts your spirits and gives you energy. When our pizza arrived, we expected the marijuana to also be there, but half an hour later we were still waiting. We received a phone call from the driver, who was frantic over being lost. She couldn’t find the address we gave her. She was looking in the apartment building across the street from our hotel.

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