Our address seemed to elude the delivery driver.

My friends were able to get a hotel room that was only ten miles away from where we were going for a concert.

  • We were excited to get away for the weekend.

We took off work on Friday so we had enough time to get to the hotel, grab some lunch and take a nap before it was time to go to the concert. After we checked in, we were going to lay down but Mike spied the brochures for delivery service. He picked up the brochure for the local pizza shop and then one for a marijuana dispensary that delivered. We quickly put in an order for two large pizzas, both with extra cheese and meats, and fifty hot wings. We then put in an order for a half ounce of Blue Dream from the marijuana dispensary. Blue dream is a really nice strain of marijuana. It doesn’t make you sleepy, but it gives you a mild buzz and a lot of energy. When the cannabis dispensary called to confirm our order, they told us our order would be there in ten to fifteen minutes and they checked the address. Our pizza was delivered a half hour later, but we saw nothing of the marijuana. We were done eating our pizza, and we didn’t have our marijuana. An hour later, we were getting ready to call the marijuana dispensary when we got a phone call. The young lady said she had searched every apartment number in the building, but there was no address like the one we gave. I laughed and told her we were in the hotel across the street. Five minutes later, I was accepting our marijuana products in the hotel lobby.

Cannabis delivery