Oh it’s all about me on cannabis shopping day

I love the idea of treating myself.

  • And I do that about twice a month.

I don’t go clothes shopping or jewelry shopping. There aren’t trips to boutiques or all day spa treatments. My treat myself trips take place at the cannabis dispensary and cannabis cafe. These are my treats and I have the best time. There are several of us who pick a day about every two weeks to meet up at the local cannabis spot. It’s just the most perfect little place. The cannabis dispensary fronts the main thoroughfare. However, they rented a space just off the side street next to the cannabis dispensary. This was such a brilliant move. The space is tree filled and a street that basically is unused as it turns into an alley. The marijuana business put in a cannabis cafe in this spot and it’s just perfect. The cannabis cafe is walking or biking distance from my apartment so I don’t have to worry about transportation. I start my treat myself adventure inside the local cannabis spot. The staff is always helpful with finding something different they think I might like to try. And honestly, they’ve never struck out at all. Once I have my hybrid strain treat for the biweekly period, I head around the corner to meet up with my friends at the cannabis cafe. There, we gather in the sun or shade to enjoy a wonderful cannabis edible and a delicious cup of coffee or tea. We linger for hours there and just enjoy the day, the company and the great vibrations.

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