My vape pen spent the night on the carseat.

I am one of those people that can’t be trusted to always do the right thing.

Don’t get me wrong.

I don’t do things to hurt others, it is just that I can be a klutz and a bit scatter-brained at times. I backed into a police officer’s car last month. Not only did he ticket me for not watching where I was going, but the insurance hiked my insurance rates so high that I wasn’t sure I could afford the car. I saw my best friend’s husband kissing a girl in the bar I tend. I don’t think he knew I worked there, and as soon as I saw him, I ducked out of sight. I told her what I had seen. She got so angry that she kicked me out of her home and said she never wanted to see me again. Then last week, I was coming out of the house and I stubbed my toe on a broken step. I went down hard, breaking my ankle. I was new to my cast, but since it was on my left foot, I went to work. I was on my way home and I picked up the groceries I had ordered. On my way into the house, I grabbed the groceries and my purse and didn’t think to grab my vape pen. I decided to leave the vape pen in the car until my tylenol took effect. By the time I remembered the vape pen, I had already smoked a bowl of marijuana and I didn’t need the vape pen. When I went out to the car the next morning, the vape pen cartridge had melted all over my leather seats. Now, I need to have my car detailed.
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