My sister is still living because of medical marijuana.

Over the years, medical marijuana has been used to treat many physical and mental ailments.

Medical marijuana recently became a regular treatment in reducing seizures, intense pain, PTSD and in eating disorders.

I had never realized that guys could get eating disorders until I found out my twin brother was suffering from an eating disorder . He was heavy when he was younger, but as he got into his teens, the weight was just melting off him. I started to notice that he wasn’t eating in school or at home. He was busy playing basketball, hockey, and any other sport that kept him moving. My mom began to notice how thin he had become and she tried forcing him to eat, but he said he wasn’t hungry. Finally, she took him to a therapist who diagnosed him with male anorexia. He told mom that marijuana could help him. It would cause him to be hungry and he would eat. Medical marijuana only came in a tablet form at that time. He gave me a prescription for a low dose medical marijuana tablet., which he was to take in the morning. The doctor said he would be hungry by lunch time. Although it took some time before he was eating more than a couple tablespoons of food, he was looking healthier. I am glad they had medical marijuana for my brother. I don’t think he would have lasted much longer if mom hadn’t taken him to a therapist who would recommend medical marijuana. Even now, there are constant advances being made with medical marijuana.



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