Might work in the dispensary near me

I recently moved to a new city and didn’t know a soul.

I was unsure how to make friends and have things to do.

I then decided I needed to find like minded individuals. How do I do this? I joined a local gym and took a fitness class in hopes of meeting people. I also got a medical marijuana card and I frequent the cannabis dispensary near me. I have made friends in both locations. I found women my age that take the fitness class and hang out afterwards. We now go to lunch at least once a week. At the marijuana shop near me, I have a guy that is quite flirtatious. There is also a girl working there that is super fun. We got to talking over the different selection of edibles and cooking with cannabis. I then invited the girl over to try my creations. The guy I think I will invite over once I have perfected my cannabis infused meals. I love the dispensary near me so much that I am thinking of working there part time. I have a job already, but more money never hurts. I have a lot of time on my hands. I do know my medical weed. I know the benefits and drawbacks. I know the different types of strains. I also know the employees at the place really well. Working at that store would give me a wider selection of friends too. Maybe the cute budtender at the store would ask me out if we worked together too. I can only hope right?


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