Medical weed was better than pills

My dad has really bad anxiety.

He is someone that just bottles up everything and doesn’t talk about it.

He seems happy but then he just loses it. He gets so depressed and super anxious. It got to the point where going to work was hard on my dad. He could barely make himself get out of bed. On the drive to work he would need to pull over multiple times to calm his heart rate. Since my father is a farmer that operates heavy machinery and works everyday, all year long, I knew something needed to change. At first my dad was taking prescription pills that the doctor gave him. Getting the pills was horrible. The doctor wouldn’t give him a prescription without checking him for prostate cancer which was invasive and horrible for my father. Filling that prescription downtown was always a problem because of calling it in and remembering to pick it up. I knew the pills didn’t really help much either. I then found that people with anxiety use medical cannabis. I got my dad an appointment with a different doctor that deals with medical weed. The guy just asked my dad a few questions and wrote him a prescription. My father doesn’t have to come back yearly or do anything other than renew the prescription. My dad can even have his medical weed delivered to the house when he wants it. Things are simpler and the medical cannabis seems to be helping my dad more than the pills ever did. He certainly likes the decreased amount of work to get his medical treatment.

medical uses for marijuana